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A Lapinha

Lapinha da Serra is a village located in the district of Santana do Riacho, in the region of Serra do Cipó, and is the perfect destination for those who want a warm, welcoming and close to nature. Ideal for those looking for peace and quiet to replenish their energy.

Lapinha is surrounded by waterfalls, lagoons and has a vast calendar of events, also counting on excellent restaurants.


The village has lakes, waterfalls, caves, rivers, peaks and archaeological sites that are conducive to both the peace of contemplation and the adrenaline of extreme sports.

The local culture is well marked by religious celebrations such as São Sebastião Day, patron saint of the village and the Feast of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, among others.

Very traditional in the district, Batuque is a demonstration held weekly by residents and features dancing, clapping and drumming.

Represa da Lapinha


Lapinha Dam

Its original name is the Dam of Usina Coronel Américo Teixeira, better known as the Dam of Lapinha. Its construction started in the 50's by Companhia Industrial de Belo Horizonte. Today the dam is a reference in Lapinha and the most visited attraction by tourists.

It has two huge lakes that are separated by two mountains and joined by a water channel that passes between them. The first lake has some of the houses in the village. The route to its bank is easily accessible and the village's central square takes just five minutes to walk.

The second lake is a little farther from the village and to reach it you have to walk towards Capão Grosso. From there you have a beautiful view of the lake, practically untouched, with very few buildings in its surroundings.

To have an overview of the two lakes, you will have to climb Pico do Cruzeiro.

It's allowed:

• Swim;
• Kayak or paddle boat;
• Sport fishing with rod (traíra, tilápia, catfish).

It's forbidden:

• Camping outside the camping areas;
• Boat with motor;
• Barbecue on the banks of the dam.

Cachoeira Bicame
Bicame Waterfall

Formed by the Rio De Pedras, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region, located in the RPPN (Natural Reserve of Natural Heritage) Brumas do Espinhaço.

It gets its name from the “Bicame”, a diversion built to remove the river from its natural bed in order to explore diamonds in the place in the middle of the last century. It is located next to the waterfall and can be visited.

Located 16 km from the village it is possible to do 5 km by car and the other 11 km on foot. By 4 × 4 vehicle or motorbike you will travel 9 km and the rest on foot. Visitation is controlled, according to the load capacity, allowing only 30 people per day.

Access between the concierge and the waterfall is only possible on foot or by bicycle. Pets are not allowed.

Circuito Águas do Boqueirão
Águas do Boqueirão Circuit

Waterfall Paradise

We are a family owned and operated business.

The first waterfall in the Serra do Breu wall, formed by three sequential falls. Its well preserved riparian forest makes the region of Paraíso even more beautiful. Ideal place for contemplation and meditation. Point of supply of water of the village, therefore, not allowed for bathing.

Rapel Waterfall

We are a family owned and operated business.

Close to the village, located on the Serra do Breu wall, the waterfall jumps from its 30 meters high where it is possible to practice rappelling.

Poço da Pedra Waterfall

5 meter high waterfall with natural benches for massage in waterfall. Small well, ideal place for children.

Boqueirão Well

We are a family owned and operated business.

The most visited place in Lapinha for its easy access and for having a large well. Attention: the place has a wall at the bottom where people usually jump. We do not indicate the jump starting from the wall, as tree trunks and large stones can move during periods of rain, falling to the bottom of the well.

Pocinho Verde

We are a family owned and operated business.

Green only in periods of drought, between the months of July to October, a time when the waters that rise at the top of Serra do Breu do not pass superficially to the well. During this period, the well is only supplied with water that is born close to it.
Its composition is different from dark tonal waters, as in general, thus making its waters green in winter. During the rainy season the volume of water in the mountains increases, invading the well and darkening its waters.

Conversa Waterfall

The name given to the waterfall is the same as the stream.
With a dense riparian forest it is possible to talk on the riverbank and listen to this conversation along the stream (say the older residents). Reason for the name given to the stream and the waterfall).
Well with well-preserved forest and timid presence of the sun. Ideal place for rest, meditation and contemplation. Water supply point of some houses. Not allowed for bathing.

Rock paintings

The Rock Paintings of Lapinha are approximately 7 thousand years old. They reveal the first artists of all mankind. These peoples lived in groups, did not know how to plant food or raise animals. To guarantee this house and their survival they came to these walls to perform a kind of magic ritual. So they drew on these walls using oil from seeds and fruits mixed with the natural pigments of rocks and even the blood of animals. The main designs are those of the main game, in this case the cerrado deer was the most important. They also drew scenes of women who were pregnant or in childbirth, they believed that by drawing the game and the woman's fertility on the walls, our human species was guaranteed. We also find representations of beings other than human beings, they are called contacts (it seems to be a representation of God).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Getting to know the Rock Paintings is a must for anyone visiting Lapinha. In addition to the beauty and historical importance of the paintings, the path itself (which is done by canoe, crossing the lagoon) is an attraction in itself.

We are a family owned and operated business.

- A visitation fee is charged, which includes the transfer of a canoe, which must be consulted on the spot.

- Visitation depends on the climatic situation.

Gruta da Lapinha
Lapinha Cave

Considered one of the seven wonders of the royal road, the Gruta da Lapinha is located in the Parque do Sumidouro in Lagoa Santa and its main features are the marks of an underground river. The cave was formed from limestone rocks formed by the marine debris of the shallow seabed of the Rio das Velhas basin, from debris that was accumulated in overlapping layers and worked by the erosion caused by sea and air currents. It is even surprising to find a charming 40 meters deep and 511 meters long, of which 300 are visitable.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Gruta da Lapinha also features a lounge with a drip of permanent water, as well as rock formations with micro crystals of calcite (pure calcium carbonate) - very fragile and that shine with great intensity when reflecting the light. This is the Grotto: a wonder that in addition to what was said here you can enjoy these images and visit 50 km from the capital of Minas Gerais. We guarantee that the visit always brings a new discovery to those who return and a charming and surprising experience for those who go for the first time! What we can say is: allow yourself to get to know the Lapinha Cave and give yourself a unique experience.

Bambu Aventura
Bamboo Adventure

Bambu Aventuras allows you to discover the wonders of Lapinha da Serra through Montain Bike, Canoe and Trekking tours. Here at Bambu adventures you rent equipment and have a team of professional guides, trained to ensure comfort and safety.

Come with family, friends, school groups or companies and enjoy the wonders that Lapinha da Serra offers you.

Canoe and kayak rental
Decide to Rappel in waterfalls
Guided walking tours
Guided Montain Bike Tours
Lapinha-Tabuleiro Crossing
Lapinha-Extrema Crossing
Lapinha-Fechado Crossing
Lapinha Crossing - Fish Cemetery
Lapinha-Diamantina Crossing
Lapinha-Candeias Crossing
Crossing Cipó-Sera dos Alves
We also have cycle travel itineraries.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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